Team of Two

My husband and I just came back from a wonderful couples retreat”Weekend to Remember”. It was so uplifting and encouraging. The Lords purpose is Oneness in a relationship between a husband and a wife. It was said that “when couples fail to make necessary adjustments to move toward oneness, the result is isolation”. Or ” When couples follow our culture’s pattern for marriage, the result is isolation”. Even ” when couples fail to grasp God’s perspective on difficulties and problems, the result is isolation”.

When we choose our spouses need before our own, when we realize it’s not 50-50 mentality but 100%, our focus is not who’s right or wrong but that God has made us different!. My spouse has gaps, I have gaps, together – no gaps!!. Oneness grows as we receive our spouse as a gift from God! He or she is not our enemy! So I realize that to change my spouse will benefit me very little. I choose to celebrate our differences and to put on a compassionate heart, kindness, humility, meakness and patience.

It has been said that” couples that pray together, stay together! Let prayer be the cord that bind us together in our marriages for without Christ we can’t do anything!

     Remember that you and your spouse are a  “TEAM OF TWO” 

                   “Two Heart..One Dream  Two Lives…One Theme”

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2011 – more of Jesus less of me!

A new year, what can I desire or want but to follow in Jesus’ foot steps. The Bible tells us: To love the Lord with all our heart, soul and mind and to love our neighbor or to be that neighbor. To see what Jesus sees in people and feel for them as He did. With compassion and comfort. That’s the quest- commission we have been given. Let’s go and do!!

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For a time such as this!

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God!!

He is the same yesterday, today and forever!!

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